Such a charmer

Parker had another exciting playdate w/his BFF. Most notably, however, he made at least one child cry by at the park. Granted, he was just excited and probably wanted to salivate all over the boy's face, but when you're under 3 feet tall and a dog jumps up and puts his paws on your chest and is eye height w/you...i'm sure it's slightly nervewrecking. But that's my boy, making friends everywhere he goes. Such a charmer.


I'm that person

Another pic from their playdate last week. Parker is gearing up for another adventure tomorrow....and i am gearing up to lock him in a closet if he doesn't start behaving sometime in the next 24 hours. for years i've always looked at dogs that jump up on people and thought 'thank god when i have one, he/she won't be an ahole like that. i will teach him/her to be perfect. i will have the most perfectly behaved dog. phew. great.' and low and behold, my dog is currently the one getting everyone's pants covered in dirt.



In this the inaugural post to The Wondrous Life of Parker the Pug le blog, I thought I would share my most favorite recent photo of Parker...frolicking in Larz Anderson with his buddie Bob. Parker is bringing up the rear -- in case you were wondering. This was taken shortly before Parker went for his first swim, ever. And yes, I missed this entire experience. Parker was on a play date with Bob and his dad.