Parker is legitimately watching ice dancing right now. I wish I was kidding. He's sitting next to me on the couch and his little head is going back and forth as the crazily clad Russian pair bounces around. Perhaps it's because the woman's outfit looks quite bird-like. How come my dog decides to finally pay attention and it's to my LEAST favorite part of the olympics?

He's been a little off since Saturday, when my downstairs neighbors got a little puppy named Watson! Parker is confused and likes to sniff outside of their door, as though Watson might just appear. We're working on their relationship....so far Watson just likes to look at him and bark/whine.

They're using our dog walkers, so Parker and Watson are going to playgroup together everyday. Clearly these two will be BFFs soon. Today apparently Parker was too distracted by his girlfriend Maude to pay much attention to his neighbor.

Slow and steady.



GO Cody GO!

Oh and I'm definitely getting Parker that outfit. This way when I train him to make me dinner and bring me a glass of wine, he'll be wearing the proper attire.


dog muggin

My friend Laura just shared this link with me. I encourage you to read it and be horrified on behalf of Lexie.

Don't worry -- Parker would cause quite the ruckus if someone tried to take his coat (which cost more than $25!). He packs quite a punch.


Reporting for duty

Parker better be next! He would clearly be the foreman.




Parker had a visit tonight from his bff Bob...and Bob's dad, Martin. I wish everyone could have seen how excited he was when Bob appeared at the door.

Now that Parker has a new jacket, they are finally twins...for real.

Trying to stay warm...

Here's Parker sporting his new jacket on our walk this morning. In case you can't tell, those eyes are saying "thanks Nancy for the Christmas gift card to the dog store where Mom bought me this glorious item."