Reporting for duty

Parker better be next! He would clearly be the foreman.




Parker had a visit tonight from his bff Bob...and Bob's dad, Martin. I wish everyone could have seen how excited he was when Bob appeared at the door.

Now that Parker has a new jacket, they are finally twins...for real.

Trying to stay warm...

Here's Parker sporting his new jacket on our walk this morning. In case you can't tell, those eyes are saying "thanks Nancy for the Christmas gift card to the dog store where Mom bought me this glorious item."


Spread 'em

Sunday night I'm having dinner at my parents' house and I look down to see Parker in a rather peculiar position...
At first I thought maybe he slid and landed like that...and he would readjust asap. Nope. Just lay like that for about ten minutes. Spread eagle and just hangin out. The world is your oyster, Parker.


Happy 2010!

Happy New Year everyone! Parker and I actually had a really nice holiday with my family. I say 'actually' because I expected him to be a holy terror...and instead, I was pleasantly surprised. He was a lovely host to my aunt, uncle and little cousin who stayed with us and helped put together an awesome Christmas Eve dinner.

Perhaps the most shocking development over those 3/4 days was that he slept every morning until we got up and opened the crate. Literally...on the first morning (Christmas Eve), I was completely in shock. I heard my uncle up and moving about the kitchen around 9 am and my eyes shot open in bed and I lay there waiting for the first bark. One minute went by....two minutes went by...I even risked it by waiting a full five minutes, and NADA. So I got up and tiptoed out into the kitchen to see if perhaps someone had stuck a sock in his mouth. My uncle was getting breakfast and making tea, and I walked in and just looked at him...puzzled. I think I said something like "I don't get it...where's Parker?" To which he responded, "still in his crate, I didn't wake him up yet."


All in all, Parker was really well behaved over the holidays. He didn't beg when we squeezed 12 people into my place for Christmas Eve dinner, he hung out at my parents' house on Christmas Day while people opened presents and we had dinner, and he followed my 5 month old cousin around obsessively trying to lick his little hands and feet. We decided that Parker just loves being surrounded by people...the more love the better. So in that way, the holidays were his personal puggy heaven.

Fortunately we went out this weekend and bought him a new jacket, because it's been freezing in Boston. Oh, that was on Saturday...the day that I slept until 10 am and woke up assuming that he was dead because I hadn't heard a PEEP from his crate. We have turned over a new leaf my friends, and I like it.