Are they here yet???

Parker is feeling festive and ready to greet our holiday guests!


The holidays are upon us...

I do apologize, it's been AGES since I have posted.

The past 6 weeks or so have been very interesting...and I hope to write a complete update about that soon. Parker and I have certainly had our ups and downs (and the downs were pretty extreme). At the moment we are doing well and getting ready for Christmas fun. He and I are hosting Christmas Eve, so the monster will be quite thrilled having 13 people in the apartment to lick, jump on, and generally harass.

He has certainly enjoyed the snow. I'm not quite sure what happens, but the moment that he steps outside and realizes there is snow on the ground...it's like he has taken a hit of speed. If you ever wondered what a pug on crack looks like, this is it. He does get very chilly though, and I only have one hoodie that fits him...

Exhibit A:

Everyone laughs and calls him santa pug. I guess it's warranted. I promise that he actually likes it! One thing that he did not like, however, was the morning when I dressed him as rudolph pug...

Exhibit B:

We did not get a real tree this year for a variety of reasons. Topping that list was my fear of Parker lifting the ol' leg on it. (Once you hear some of the crap that he's pulled in the past few months, you will see why.) But with the help of an uber crafty friend, I still decorated this weekend -- keeping everything out of pug reach.