Birthday boy!

The little man is growing up! Friday was his 1st birthday. He's getting so old -- now if only he could behave like it.

Though we didn't throw him a birthday party yet, I have a vision of it going something like this with his doggie friends:


Friday is FUNday

The two happiest pugs in town...

It's "noisy boys" Friday, and Parker is in heaven. I wish that I could hang with them today and see how happy they are. More romping photos to follow, I'm sure.

In other news, a very big congratulations to our amazing dog walkers, Urban K9, for getting Best of Boston from Boston Magazine. I can't imagine the last 10 months without them.


Morning antics...

"Now that I got myself in here, how in the world will I get out?"


Other potential plans...

My friend Laura has suggested a spray collar that's controlled by remote. This is a veeeeeery interesting idea, and I am considering investing in one. When Parky was young, we borrowed a sound activated spray collar from one of our doggy park friends. I thought we could try using it on Saturday/Sunday mornings when he's in his pen and barks his head off starting at 6ish. I'll admit that we chickened out and never used it. I was worried about whether or not it would traumatize him, and if his little puggy nose and eyes would be bothered by the citronella that's sprayed. (I can be very overprotective, fyi.)

But at this point, I think that using the remote spray collar at the park when he goes to eat wood chips may not be a bad idea. Laura also reminded me that it's slightly insane for 3 or 4 of us to go running around the park after him with spray bottles.


For the past ten minutes, I have been trying to find information online about pugs and spray collars. I didn't find much, except one book that suggested pug eyes can be irritated by too much exposure to the spray. As you know, pugs have the bug-eyed syndrome, coupled with zero snout, so they always get more in their eyes than breeds with noses.



Launching attack

OK here's the plan. As soon as I can get myself to a Target, I am launching the "wood chip eating WILL END" attack. Here is my (not so secret) weapon:
At the moment I can't remember who gave me the idea, I think it was someone at the dog park. But, I'm really hoping that it's going to work. I plan to actually buy 3 or 4 of them, and I have enlisted the help of a number of people at the dog park. We will position ourselves strategically around the park, each armed with a spray bottle. Whenever Parker the Devil Pug tries to eat a wood chip, SPRAY SPRAY!

If this doesn't work, I'm open to other ideas. He did slightly better tonight, only because I bribed him with treats and there were a zillion other dogs around. But towards the end I had to give up because he wouldn't stop eating and/or obsessively staring at and jumping on a woman who had treats for her lab.

Oh, Parky.


And I thought it was bad before...

Today is a first. Parker and I went to a different dog park this morning, which was awesome. It's basically a HUGE field that's been turned into a doggie heaven. We were having a lovely time (except for him jumping up on everyone)...until I lost track of him for a second. The next time I looked over, he was lifting his leg ON A WOMAN who was crouched down holding her dog. I'm pretty sure that I shrieked and launched myself in their direction. Thank god she was a good sport about it. Although her friend told me that "it's probably a sign of dominance and now you should remind him of his place." Thanks. I'll get right on that, once I figure out what his place is.

Anyway, he ran like a madman and hopefully will pass out shortly. Last night Bob and his parents came over for dinner/playtime -- and Parker and the Bobster played for hours on end. It was really, really awesome. It made me want another pug for a second. And then that second passed.